CES Ozonated Water System  

Operating Principle:

Ozonation is the infusion of ozone with water to both disinfect water and to be used as a disinfection agent for a variety of applications and industries. Dissolved ozone directly attacks the surface layer of microorganisms and destroys their cell walls, as it is a highly reactive oxidant. It is an effective sterilizing agent that rapidly and thoroughly kills all bacteria, viruses, and disease-causing microorganisms, with no risk of resistance build-up or immunity. Ozonated water is also non-polluting as it breaks down into oxygen and no chemicals are left behind.

The CES Difference:

CES nano-bubble technology and inlet water purifier ensures high purity ozone dissolves in clean water, regardless of inlet water source, at a consistent ozone concentration for effective sterilization, with no trace toxicity left behind. Our system is also made of stainless steel throughout to ensure long-lasting durability with no regular filter changes required, reducing your running costs. All these makes CES Ozonated Water System your superior choice for industrial ozonated water systems.


- Food Processing

- Drinking Water and Beverage

- Washing and Sanitation

- Waste Water and Sewage

Anti-Bacterial Sterilization Test:




Commercial Handwash for 60s  (5% v/v Dettol)


CES Ozonated Water for 60s